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The expected level of sophistication for arboricultural reporting has increased as a result of government and private organizational needs. An arborist professional report can provide the scientific explanations, recommendations, and conclusions needed to meet construction and other requirements.

The reports go way beyond mere generic recommendations and statements. Arborist reports can lay out a practical approach for tree removal and retention concerns and issues. Arborist reports can also include such elements as tree damage, levels of pest infestation, disease, or tree injury. Remediation may be recommended along with treatment protocols.

Here’s what clients can expect in an arborist report

  • Impact Assessments – Trees can have a definitive impact on a development site. In turn, trees can also be impacted by a particular site. There are also other elements that require consideration, like soil level and changes.
  • Hazard Assessments – These assessments can be provided for an entire site, or for a single tree. It can be a detailed report of every tree that includes photos. Trees are checked for pests, disease, and other environmental factors that may affect the healthy growth of trees.
  • Tree Surveys – Government projects or commercial sites may need information about an entire selection of trees that require height, width, age, type/class, defects, and retention value statistics.
  • Surveys and assessments that are conducted by arborists with a minimum AQF Level 5 Certification. These professionals have the skills and qualifications to know what local planning authorities need and require with respect to the environment. Clients can expect the latest equipment and technology to be employed as recommended by the arborist’s assessments. Arborists can communicate with all parties involved and provide the service that fits each client’s budget—big or small.

Arborist reports are important because they provide professional information about the condition and health of trees. They also provide actions that may be necessary to ensure their health and longevity. For instance, removing trees can impact the immediate, surrounding community. An arborists report can also provide a detailed analysis of trees to be removed, or planted, and if they will provide a loss or gain to the community.

Additional information in an arborist report includes the following: contact information, location of the assessment, tree species assessed, size, nature of work, client’s reason for removal, replacement information, and the arborist’s recommendation for protection and retention.

What you can expect from Urban Arbor

At Urban Arbor, you can expect to work with a dedicated team of professionals with years of experience assisting clients with every aspect of managing their trees. Clients can expect the very best services in the industry. We also have the best tree management software anywhere. Our partnership with a leading European software company allows us to offer a unique service that meets all Australian Standards, including AS 4970-2009. Contact us today to learn more about what we do and how it can benefit your project or company.