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Arborist Reports

Arborist Reports, often referred to as Tree Reports, document the condition of a tree. It will address areas such as defects, damage, pest and disease or mechanical injury. The report will make recommendations which may include remediation, recommendations on pest and disease treatment or pruning required.

Impact Assessments

Referred to as a Construction or Arboricultural Impact Assessment looks at the likely impact the proposed development will have on the trees located in or around the site. The location of the development in relation to the trees as well as any other design elements such as changes in soil level will be considered within the report.

Tree Safety Report / Hazard Assessments

Tree Safety Reports, also sometimes referred to as Tree Hazard Assessment Reports, can be on a single tree or on an entire site. It will typically include detailed information of the trees and where required may also include photos of trees and/or defects.

Tree Survey

A Tree Survey is the collection of all the trees on the site including information such as species, height, width, general conditions, age class, retention value, visible defects, etc. It is presented in the form of spread sheet.

Sample Reports

We provide detailed reports that are also easy to read. Take a look at some of our sample reports to see what you you’ll be looking at after one of our inspections.

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