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Impact Assessments

Referred to as a Construction or Arboricultural Impact Assessment looks at the likely impact the proposed development will have on the trees located in or around the site. The location of the development in relation to the trees as well as any other design elements such as changes in soil level will be considered within the report.

If the design is found to have adverse effects on trees of high or significant retention value the council is likely to decline the application. The Arboricultural Impact Assessment would make recommendations on possible design modifications or work methods which would reduce or minimize the potential impact of the proposed design on the trees.

Do I Need an Arboricultural Impact Assessment?

In almost all cases where trees are present on the development site or in close proximity of the site there will usually be a condition within the DA that will request this report. These reports will need to be produced by an AQF Level 5 Arborist

Depending on the council they may refer to these reports Construction Impact Assessment Reports.

Why is an Arboricultural Impact Assessment Report Important?

The purpose of these reports is to identify the likely impact of the development on the trees at a design stage. This gives the developer/builder the option to either modify the design or apply to council to remove the trees if the design is such that the impact on the trees is not viable and it is found that the retention of the trees is not feasible.

Where the trees are significant or endangered species the council may decline the application and an alternative design may need to be considered. Engaging an AQF Level 5 Arborist early in the project will ensure you are aware of any potential tree related matters that need to be considered in the design stage.

Who can do Impact Assessment Reports?

In most cases these reports will need to be compiled by an arborist with a minimum qualification of AQF Level 5. Not only is this often a requirement by councils but it is also beneficial to the developer as it ensures you receive sound information by an appropriately qualified expert.

Here at Urban Arbor Pty Ltd our consultants have AQF Level 5 qualification but more importantly that have significant experience with trees on development sites. In our experience engaging an arborist early in the project at design stage will significantly reduce the likelihood of the project getting held up in red tape due to tree issues.

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