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Tree Safety Report / Hazard Assessments

Safety is always paramount and trees due to their nature have an inherent level of risk. The level of risk is determined not only by the condition of the tree and any defects but also takes into consideration its location and the targets should the tree or part of the tree fail.

Tree Safety Reports also sometimes referred to as Tree Hazard Assessment Reports can be on a single tree or on an entire site. It will typically include detailed information of the trees and where required may also include photos of trees and/or defects.

When is a Tree Safety Report Required?

A Tree Safety Report may be required where it has been identified that the safety of an individual or group of trees needs to be known.

Trees are living growing organisms that change over time. For this reason Tree Safety Reports need to be updated on a regular basis to ensure the information is current. They are also used as a management tool in relation to OH&S and managing Liability.

For larger sites that want a more proactive method to managing their tree stock our Tree Management Program should be considered. With this program we work with you to reduce your tree risks.

Why is a Tree Safety Report Important?

It identifies the safety of an individual or group of trees and is a great tool for liability reasons. Once the condition of the tree(s) is known informed decisions can be made on how to manage the risk base on the information.

On larger sites where you are responsible for staff, visitors and patrons it helps you reach your duty of care.

Who can do Tree Safety Reports?

As with all of our other reports and consultancy services these are prepared by our AQF Level 5 Arborists. As these reports are for safety we want to ensure that you receive the most accurate information.

At Urban Arbor our consultants are not only AQF Level 5 consultants they also have additional qualification in risk assessment for both QTRA (Quantified Tree Risk).

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